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15 April 2006


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I have no doubt most of our soldiers and Marines are busting their humps to make things better in Iraq. The unfortunate thing is that the administration has given them a tough mission but apparently inadequate support . And if the mission in Iraq fails, and our Army is severely weakened as a result of Bush's policies, we will be much worse off than when we were before we invaded.

Babak Makkinejad

I recall reading Moshe Dyan's impressions of US officers and officials in Vietnam; that many many seemed to honestly believe in their mission and the justness (not Dyan's word) of their cause-so to speak.

I am not surprised to read this.

I do feel saddened by the waste of it all in this particular case.

Chris Bray

"Engineering the Future." Twinkle, twinkle. The sincerity and devotion are clear, but so is the pie-in-the-sky fuzziness. I'd be impressed if this publication also truthfully covered stories like the large attack on a police convoy a few days ago. As it stands, it looks to me like a cheerfully Soviet celebration of the unrelenting march toward the success of the liberationist project, huzzah! This thinking is the problem.

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