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18 April 2006


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"Access journalism" and being part of the "elite" cocktail circuit has become central to the functioning of corporate media that independent, fact oriented reporting has become a rarity. It used to be that the media focused on fact checking and tried to understand the motivations of "senior administration officials" when they handed out juicy tidbits. Now under so called "balance" journalism the most outrageous viewpoints that are easily known to be factually incorrect are given the same importance as viewpoints backed by facts. Reporters and talk show hosts very seldom push back to inform the public when inaccuracy is spun as truth.

That is why independent, citizen journalism and opinions using technologies like blogs are the tip of the spear with regards to change.

As domestic information operations become more prevalent and sophisticated, the state becomes more and more powerful and individual liberties that are the essence of our constitution becomes more of an anachronism. I hope the checks and balances to unbridled executive power in our political system actually work and survive in this brave new world.

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