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23 March 2006


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With all due respect Mr. Farrell, I think I would prefer to watch Rachel Weisz tend her garden.

John Howley

Givin' the man his due:

* In 1962 he set world record of 178.97 mph (288 km/h) with his engine bored out to 51 cu.in. (850cc).

* In 1963 a connecting rod broke while he was traveling at an estimated 195 mph (313 km/h).

* In 1967 his engine was bored out to 58 cu.in. (950cc) and he set a class record of 183.58 mph (295.44 km/h). To qualify he made a one-way run of 190.07 mph (305.89 km/h), the fastest ever officially recorded speed on an Indian.

On a machine built in 1920.

(From wikipedia)

Jonothan Cullinane

Jeeze Colonel!

What possessed you to run such a mean-spirited review about what is a rather sweet little movie, one that looks at America the way people used to look at her - as a country full of hope and possibility? Two famous New Zealanders are Ed Hillary, first to climb Mt Everest, and Ernest Rutherford, first to split the atom (which may account for our skitteshness about things nuclear). Yes, we were pleased to have US Marines here in 1942, but would have preferred to have them in 1939, 1940, & 1941 when our boys were in Europe and your boys were sitting it out. And Guy Pearce is an Australian.

W. Patrick Lang


I don't censor Alan's movie reviews, pl

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