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23 February 2006


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citizen k

Odd that they go to the trouble of detailing the Al Queda goals without noting that the Bush administration has given them everything they want (no more Saddam so Iraq is available as a base, collapse of the US economy, destruction of US alliances ...).

I started joking about three years ago that Bush was the Manchurian Candidate, but its less and less funny.


Maybe we can discuss Colbert and revisit this "Long War" thread at the same time.

I bet old codgers can multitask.

I am very concerned that people might believe the nonsense in the Power Point presentation.

The PPP is strategically insane and in the hands of the buffoons currently running things, is a recipe for disaster.

How anybody at the Pentagon above the rank of E1(mentally challenged at that) could subscribe to this horse crap is beyond me. They must want an extra star awful bad before they go out to pasture, I guess.

In the event, I present Jeffrey Records work below. Written 12/03, it is a useful mental purgative, even if you only read the first ten pages.

Bounding the Global War on Terror

Norbert Schulz

Oh, hehe. I remeber having read that report, found it sound and reasonable. And so I recommended it highly to a guy who was quite gung ho about invading Iraq.

He read it. He disliked what he read.

His reaction was, quote: 'This is just a partisan smear!'

I was speechless. Which was not all that bad because he went on, declaring that he would for the future refuse to listen to my 'vile vitriol'.

No kidding.

W. Patrick Lang


Which report? pl

Norbert Schulz

Jefferey Record's report, titled 'Bounding the war on terror', with the link Eric provided.


What ticked this guy off must have been subversive claims like this one:

"In conflating Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Osama bin Laden’s
al-Qaeda, the administration unnecessarily expanded the GWOT
by launching a preventive war51 against a state that was not at war
with the United States and that posed no direct or imminent threat
to the United States at the expense of continued attention and effort
to protect the United States from a terrorist organization with which
the United States was at war." (p.18) resp. 24 of pdf

Invasion wrong? Noooo! Aaaargh, it's corroding my brain!

Don Bosch (evaneco.com)

This was briefed last week by a Joint two-star admiral at the Naval War College. That certainly vouches for its authenticity and the level of interest in DoD.

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