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23 February 2006


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I read this briefing with interest. It seemed to me that a very unlikely hypothesized future was used to set the table for the ensuing discussion. However, I found the discussion itself to be rather more sensible than the maps showing the Caliphate metastasizing over the globe. Interesting that Iran was just going to fall into line and report to Baghdad -did anyone actually consult some facts before putting that gem on the map?

It was a Pentagon briefing, clearly, since the "means" kind of started and ended with Combatant Commanders, etc. However, the policy - making friends, winning hearts and minds, attacking identified targets, sounded about right to me.

It seems to me that the policy being advocated would be best accomplished using a large dose of soft power - diplomacy, development, etc. They coudn't quite acknowledge this, buy hey, it is a Pentagon briefing, and everyone knows those other agencies are the real enemy.

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