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14 February 2006


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The reality is that we, the US, are probably the only thing keeping Saddam alive. We can give him, lock, stock and barrel, to the Iraqis and allow "justice" to take its course (which probalby would not fly in the face of public opinion)...or give him to the Kuwaitis so they can try him for war crimes stemming from the 1991 invasion.


Don't worry!

I'm not making this up, parts of the "we are winning, always winning, winning this war more than any war in history" right are in delirious celebration because there are rumors that Batman has joined the Fight!


Yay! I think.


The court might have some legitimacy if those who enabled his crimes were in dock right along side Saddam, but that’s just crazy talk.

Green Zone Cafe

I've been to the trial, unfortunately on one of the days Saddam was not there.

If people had the chance to watch it, with the benefit of simultaneous translation, they would not think it was a farce.

The problem with the media coverage of the trial is that all the "boring" parts are left out - the procedural points, the routine scheduling of evidence, and the accumulation of evidence itself through the testimony of those who were in Dujail in July 82 -in favor of the few outbursts of Saddam et al. The trial is much more than that, and is providing a rough due process.

It's too bad that the calm and respectful previous judge, Judge Rizgar, felt he had to leave because of political pressure. The new judge seems a little biased towards the prosecution, but not wholly unfair. Someone involved in the trial told me that Saddam and the co-defendants have made many admissions during their outbursts, which will be used against them.

Iraqis watch the trial on TV, it is covered live on Iraqia, and while there is a difference of opinion among Iraqis about what should happen (some say tortured to death, some say life in prison, one told me exile to Hawaii), there is no doubt that the trial serves a function to diminish the mad former dictator in the minds of those who he terrorised for so long.

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