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21 February 2006


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Anybody nostalgic for the twentieth century Inspector Clouseau can browse around in CSPAN's archives.

Try to catch the following delegation interviewing the Kuwaiti newspaper editor. I think it aired today.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) & Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA)
Topic: U.S. policy toward Iraq & Afghanistan and a congressional delegation's 5-day trip to these countries in late January. This is the CODEL that C-SPAN features Friday at 9pm & Monday at 8pm, including the delegation's meetings with U.S. and Iraqi military leaders, Afghani leaders, and U.S. troops and aid workers in Afghanistan. Rep. Ros-Lehtinen led the CODEL, and Rep. Lynch was the only Democrat on the trip.

or check out the International Intelligence Summit.

We have transcended the send-up.

Brian Dunbar

Curious...was this, as well as the other superlative film reviews on this page, composed by an individual who once taught me French at a small liberal arts college in Virginia? I flatter myself to think the author, if it is indeed the same person, might actually remember me, but I remember quite well the very unique letter of recommendation composed in an attempt to assist me in making something of myself in graduate school. I also recall the Department Chair later telling me the letter was basically the only reason I got in. If these reviews were indeed the product of this individual, I would very much enjoy getting in touch, via e-mail, with the author. Any reply or contact information would be much appreciated.

W. Patrick Lang


Hampden-Sydney? If yes, then contact him in the french department at VMI. pl

Brian Dunbar

That would be it. Thank you sir.

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