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05 January 2006


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Happy Jack

"I have hunch that Zawahiri, in fact, has always been the top man in A-Qa'idah"

FWIW, if I were a betting man, I would finger him as being behind Azzam's death.

I think the Egyptian torture made him a tad blood-thirsty.

Serving Patriot

Happy Jack -

The torture during imprisionment certainly altered Zawahiri's life direction...

Many accounts make him a "radically" different man after his jailing. How many times has this same story played out in our sad world history?

And how many Zawahiri's are being made everyday in our GWOT jails?



Another usage of "takfir," from the Iraqi Constitution :

Article (7): 1st -- Entities or trends that advocate, instigate, justify or propagate racism, terrorism, 'takfir', sectarian cleansing, are banned, especially the Saddamist Baath in Iraq and its symbols, under any name.


anyone seen the videos of az-Zawahiri shouting from his jail cell? he's a pretty freaky-looking dude.

W. Patrick Lang


How he got out of that cell alive puzzles me. pl

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