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08 January 2006


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A minor costuming nit. Milla Jovovich wore a slinky red miniskirt of indestructible something, and leather boots. It was supposed to be a contrast with the generic military outfits, and get the boys all excited with her looks, especially after it gets water soaked.

If you watch the DVD with cast commentary (about the only way to avoid brain rot), you get the suitably irreverant and aware view of the movie fluff. Whether comments on the eating habits of the cast or complaints about how bone chilling cold that water was in a miniskirt, it gives the movie a proper feel.

King Kong deserves a related costuming comment on the slip of steel. No matter what happens, that slip survives falls, rocks, trees, and teeth without ever getting torn or dirty.


What's coming up on the lawncare channel? I just love to watch Adrian, the celebrity mower, ride up and down on his mini-John Deere.

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