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19 January 2006


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I've been having difficulties figuring out the hostility towards Syria on the part of the Bush Administration. It appears almost designed to undercut any opportunity for Syrian ruler Bashar Assad to consolidate power, and appears almost guaranteed to push Syria towards Iran as an ally. It's as if they *want* the fanatics to win. Also strange is that Syria has a long-time antipathy towards radical Islamism dating back to their experience with the Muslim Brotherhood (at least the spiritual ancestors of al qaeda), so they would make a natural ally for the United States in the war against radical Islamism. Indeed, the United States has deported or rendered a number of people suspected of being radical Islamists to Syria to be tortured on behalf of the CIA, and the Syrians were happy to oblige. So what in the world is going on here with all the sabre-rattling of the US against Syria? Is this yet another case of Israeli interests winning out over US interests?

- Badtux the Puzzled Penguin

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