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06 January 2006


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We're so sorry, and thank Chris's family for his extraordinary service and sacrifice.


Pat - Please give my heartfelt thanks and condolences to your friend. I thank his son for being a good and honorable soldier.

W. Patrick Lang

Thanks for sending this. CPT Petty is in my brother-in-law's Brigade Combat Team (BCT) in 4ID, and they are taking this hard, as are the 4ID families at Ft Hood. We have lost 9 soldiers in the past week and they have just arrived in country.


My heartfelt condolences to all our troops who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

What a shame to lose these brave souls for a war of choice based on lies. For a war that need not have happened if our President had the maturity to first fully exploit other options including determining if Saddam truly had WMD and posed a threat to us and other nations. For a war where there was inadequate forces and planning. Will we as a nation learn from this? Will we continue to tolerate the corruption, abuse of power and incompetence of this administration?

Larry Mitchell

When the KIAs get names, it's so different and so much more painful. The men and women who serve and sacrifice for us deserve better decisions from us. Maybe we can honor their sacrifices in a small way by doing a better job running this country that they died to protect. My sincere condolences to the family of CPT Petty for their terrible loss.

Charles Petty, COL, USA (Ret)

Chris was my second cousin once removed. I never had the chance to meet him, though he was stationed only some 280 miles from me.
Because I know Paul, his father, I feel this loss especially.

Chris was working hard at making the world safe from despots like Saddam. May God bless all our military personnel who are proving to us every day that freedom is not free.

monica keller

My son is performing his first tour of duty and served under CPT Petty. He spoke very highly of him both as an officer and an individual. My sincere condolences to his family and to the families of those brave Soldiers who died alongside of him. My husband and I read his article posted in the December 2005 Thunder News and were both cheered and soothed by his words and sense of pride in his men. Our prayers are with all of our brave Soldiers who serve our country and their families.

Justin Wilcox

God Bless Chris and his family. I saw the news last night on TV in Washington, DC. I graduated from Madison High School with Chris, and ran into him at Fort Bragg several years later on an airborne operation. We have all lost an outstanding leader and citizen. All the Way! Airborne!

Susan, Gayle, Matt, JoLynn & Taylor Gertson

Dear Petty Family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of great loss. We know your pain, having lost our son, SPC Clint Gertson last year. Our other son, SGT Matt Gertson served with Chris during their first deployment to Iraq, and knew him well. God bless Chris and his family for paying the ultimate sacrifice for not only our country, but the citizens of Iraq.


I always enjoyed hearing of Chris' experiences in the Army and was envious of the things he had done and why he did them. I am saddened by his loss and haven't the words to say to Deb. I'm sorry. Chris lived his dream and inspired some of us by rolling with the punches and coming out on top. I'll miss him. I don't know what to say, I'm sad

CH (CPT) Dennis Hysom

I had the honor of serving with Chris when both of us were on DIVARTY Staff of 4ID. He was a wonderful leader. I will keep his family in my prayers. His presence will be missed.

leonard aaron nida

I had the pleasure of knowing Petty during our ROTC time at Marshall University. My thoughts and prayers go out to you his family. I saw the picture of him with his beautiful children. (I have a nine month old and an eight year old.)I am sadden at their loss. May you find comfort in our Lord.
Please send details as arrangements are made. Again God bless, Aaron Nida

Adam Cox

God Bless the family of Chris Petty. I had gone to high school with Chris and we graduated together in 1991. My memory of Chris was always a smiling face. My family life was split up after high school and I was very depressed. I could always count on Chris to have an open door, and open ear for me. Even though I have not spoken to Chris in over 10 years, I owe him as a friend to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me as a friend, and being there for us as american citizens. God Bless You.

Mike Schulz

May God bless the Petty family. I had the greatest honor of serving with CPT. Petty as his HMMWV driver in Iraq on his first tour. I will always hold a special place in my heart for him. Although our time together was only about 4 months long, he helped me in a very troubling time as my wife and I lost our first child. I could always count on his smiling face and chipper attitude to keep things that much better for us while we were there. Thank you Chris and God bless you.

Cindy Lanzing

I wanted to express my deepest condoleences to the Petty family (they may or may not remember me as a 12-year-old who was more in Lisa's age group). Although I only knew Chris as a child, I am honored to have known him at all, however briefly.

Please know that the thoughts and condolences of my entire family are with you in this very difficult time.

Cindy Lanzing

Chance Webster

I was assigned to the same Artillery unit Chris was while in South Korea. He was always open and honest when you asked him a question about something, whether it was serious or not. Always a jokester, but deadly serious when it was required. Even though I may not have known him as well as those who were close to him or went to college with him, know that his life, humor, and wit touched all those around him. Chris will be sorely missed by those he knew and served with. God be with you my friend and may your memory last a thousand lifetimes. To his wife and family, my deepest sympathies. God be with you all.

Chance Webster

Tracey Roberts CW3, FA (Ret)

Chris and I served together on the 4ID DIVARTY Staff and we lived together for about half of our first tour in Iraq. Thanks Chris for shouldering much of the workload in planning and fighting this war while at the 4ID DIVARTY. Thanks Chris for keeping humor and sanity in a stressful environment. Thanks Chris for the significant contributions made, brilliant application of common sense, Power Point Ranger contribution, and hillarious imitations of Maj Dewitt. My heart is heavy and I pray that all his family is moved by what Chris accomplished during his service to this country.

Tracey Roberts

Richard Shullaw

I am a backyard neighbor of the Petty family when they lived in Vienna, Virginia. I knew Chris since he was 7 years old and was at his high school graduation, engagement party and wedding. He was a great and wonderful friend to my children, who are a couple of years younger.

Chris will be buried tomorrow at Arlington National Cemetery. I have printed out copies of all your comments and given them to Kathy Petty, Chris' mother. She is very grateful for all the things you have shared about Chris.
Deb, Oliver and Owen will be there, as will all the other members of the Petty family.

I will post another update after the funeral. In the meantime, many thanks again.

Richard Shullaw

Richard Hubbard

Christopher Petty was eulogized on NPR today (January 17 2006).
here is the link to morning edition, Eric Neeler is the reporter:

Sgt Lopez, Julio

I had the opportunity to serve
with CPT Petty in the first
deployment and what good man
he was, and a great soldier
at that. My condolences to his
family and my prayers go out to him.

John Turner

I went to Fay School with Chris in 1987. He and I became good friends and I later visited him and his family in Jamaica. He was a great person when I knew him and I thought if him often over the years. It is very sad to hear of his death.
My heart goes out to his wife and young children, may Chris's spirit live on in them.

Major Peter D. Zike

My greatest condolences for his family. Chris was a good man to have next to you. I know first hand how dedicated he was to his well founded beliefs in our country. I served as his commander at Ft. Bragg in the late 1990's. This war has taken quite a few of our most devoted patriots and for his service he paid the ultimate price. He will be sorely missed as well as those who have also sacrificed.
Very Respectfully,
Major Peter D. Zike

Deborah Petty

This is Chris' wife. I wanted to thank all of you for posting such kind and loving memories of Chris. He loved his Army, Country, and family. He died doing what he loved and believed in. Thank you again for all your kindness, prayers and love. My boys will have a well rounded idea of who their father was.
God Bless

Sandra Brown

I have to say I will never forget the phone call I received from Iraq just days after it occurred. My husband choked back trying to hold in the emotion as he told me the names of his fallen brethren. The last name was the hardest for him to say, stopping 2 or 3 times to try to compose himself enough to speak, "Captain Petty". I couldn't help but weep in this news as I knew the importance this man held in my husbands life in the short time that he had been stationed to the same unit. My husband looked at him as a great leader and a great family man as well. The knowledge of his very young children that will never truly know their beloved father also hit me very hard. There is no greater loss to this country, to Fort Hood, to the 4th Infantry Division, to the men that served under and along side him in the 3/16 field artillery, and to his beloved family. You will all be in my memory forever. Thank you for your sacrifice as there is no way that we can every repay you for his service to this country and the dedication to men like my husband. Thank you, God bless you.


God bless you and thank you for your selfless service, Captain Petty.
My heartfelt sympathy goes out to your family and loved ones.
Robert Murray

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