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15 January 2006


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tom powers

I urge you to add Stanley Kramer's INHERIT THE WIND.


what about the Manchurian Candidate, Failsafe?


Well, NOW you've started something! At least we can contemplate the nature of the human soul & the state of modern civilization in indirect light. So, of course, I must mention Dr. Strangelove. If only our current leaders (& their advisors) were so well-rounded & thoughtful.

W. Patrick Lang


Should have included "The Wild Bunch." (director's cut) pl

W. Patrick Lang


The original "Manchurian Candidate" would cetainly be included. pl



Thank you for bringing up “Dr. Strangelove.” I can also watch “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “A Gentleman’s Agreement,” repeatedly, but I guess that dates me.


For a ripping good story (based on actual events!!!!) filled with politics, intrigue, villany, violence, murder, revenge, subversion, battle scenes -- and all the other stuff that goes to make a great yarn, try the Henry VI plays - or the whole cycle from Richard II to Richard III.

Great script, great dialogue, and waaaaay better than the Iliad.

Henry VI is the best. It was shelved for 300+ years - nobody realized how good they are. Or maybe the times were not right. They are now.


Other than that --

Will Penny
Pocket Money
Track of the Cat
The Hired Hand
Lonely Are the Brave
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Five Came Back
Killer's Kiss
Almost any old Ida Lupino movie.

I really miss double feature houses and B movies.


and an old Montgomery Clift (post-accident) movie directed by Elia Kazan called (IIRC) The River.


You need Papillion in there somewhere.

W. Patrick Lang


"Wild River." pl


Thanks. It is not easy to find. "Third Man" reminded me of another of Carol Reed's movies, "Odd Man Out." I am happy to watch just about anything he made.


I guess technically the H6 plays are not flics - they are BBC video productions.

what the heck.

Peter vE

"The Long Goodbye" - Robert Altman with Elliot Gould. The best translation of Chandler to the screen, better even (heresy!) than the Big Sleep with Bogart and Bacall


Col. Lang,

I had an idea for a post: your list of favorite/influential/required reads. I am sure your reading list would be most intriguing.



W. Patrick Lang


I posted a list of some of my favorite books. you have some thing else in mind? pl


Seven Days in May

C'mon now Mr. Lang. Care to place a bet on the Preakness?

W. Patrick Lang


Always glad to run into another ECOMCON veteran. pl

Peter Brownlee

The Man Who Would Be King?

Should perhaps be required viewing for those unaware of the unintended consequences of intervention.

sanjay pillai

FWIW if you liked the Ninth Gate you should read the novel that it is based on - The Club Dumas by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. IMO his best work - its a bit different than the movie screenplay but all the more worth reading because of it.


Was anyone else as thoroughly disappointed (I'm actually being kind)as I was in Troy?
I couldn't get through it. Wretched.
"Lonely are The Brave" is one of my faves its also Kirk Douglas' favorite that he made. "The Great Escape" "Bladerunner"
"Seppuku" are a few. I wish someone would properly make Beau Geste - as good as the book. I still love "The Deerhunter" - John Williams' (the guitarist, not the composer/baton wielder)work on the score is phenomenal.
I liked "Shane" too.

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