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07 January 2006


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Colonel Lang,

One thing that struck me about the above report on the death of CPT Petty and his group was the make-up of the unit, as it has on other reports of multiple losses in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I don't mean in the least to trivialize the loss of life - it is always tragic on a personal and on a human level.

But an O4, an O3, an E7, an E5 and an E1-or-2 together in one vehicle on a tactical mission? The army of my day would have almost never offered this array of rank in one vehicle, unless it were Special Ops of some kind or transport to the airfield. I've noticed this before on other multiple loss-of-life reports in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Norbert Schulz

The politicos in the Pentagon and the VP office dreamed up the Iraq war as a drive-by shooting - a field test to proove their pipedream of revolution in military affairs to all those doubters caught in 'old-think', and to shock and awe the world with US military power.

Baghdad was meant to be nothing more but a brief stop on the road from Baghdad to Damaskus and Beirut - next stop Riad - something along that line, if 'A clean break' is any indication.

The goal they wanted to achieve in Iraq was unrealistic and unattainable from the beginning.

Pity the military tasked with having to implement these follies. What a waste.



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