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16 January 2006


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How about Lauren Bacall, leaning against Captain Morgan's(Bogart) door, asking for cigarette during her entrance in "To Have and Have Not"? Make a priest kick a hole in a stained glass window.


tim fong

It was a Model 29. Good list.


How about Harry Andrews reading from the KRs in The Hill.

No milk and cookies for you gentlemen if you do not shape up--or something like that.

Also there were some good lines in Unforgiven.

W. Patrick Lang


"If you are going to use my friend to decorate your saloon then there are going to be consequences,"


"Mr. You shot an unarmed man..."

Reply - "Well, he shoulda armed himself.." pl


Re: "Executive Suite" -- it wasn't Gregory Peck, it was William Holden who was the head production guy.

Re: "The Hill" -- great movie; Harry Andrews was brilliant. The best line was when he was putting down the prison riot. He shouted that unless the prisoners went back to their cells all the "troublemakers" would be rounded up and punished.
When an anonymous voice from the rioters yelled out: "Oh yeah, and just who do you think the troublemakers are?", Andrews replied "Every sixth man."
The joint quieted right down.


Nice list, but re #4/The Searchers - "to the consternation of heavy duty “art” critics" - a low blow and wrong to boot. Ford's film was most heavily championed by the "Cahiers du Cinema" crowd in the late 50s/early 60s. Truffaut, Godard, et al.


I love Bogey's scene with the menacing Mexican banditos in Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Here's the scene with Bogey's line:


James Young

I sense a theme here....

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