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09 January 2006


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sadly, i don't think that this sad reality has or will soak in. and we'll continue seeing 'penetrations'. you hit the nail on the head -- "tests were built on models used in other cultural contexts....the tests would not be predictive of behavior or loyalty....candidates will lie either to get a job or to infiltrate the police....This advice was ignored"


Well, I don't think there is any really good test to determine who is a liar looking to penetrate and who isn't. When I say "test", I also mean that it seems like any guy can get his goat kidnapped, have the insurgents threaten to kill him or her unless they vouch for their preferred candidate and then get in. This is just one among multiple concepts that a spy could use to infiltrate in Iraq. among others, of course, is that somebody simply poses as a good candidate that is "unknown" with no links to anyone and checks out clean (isn't that the pinnacle of the hoped for candidate); they could be ushered in by someone inside who has ties with the terrorists; they could be paid (corruption being the number one activity in Iraq after planting IEDs and kidnapping people).

Basically, the only way it stops is for all three of the main groups to get it together politically, form a coalition and then crush all the "dissenters" out of the ministries, arrest all their known enemies or put them under tight surveillance.

This last isn't happening until the central government is strengthened a little more and the direct line of command is determined.

Patrick Henry

Pat..This report makes clear the on-going problem of Developing and maintaining any kind of High Level Security..and Screening..of Iraqi Citizens..

It Has been an evident Problem for several months..
I am disturbed by how Vunerable and undertrained and over exposed the New police Officers and Cadets have been..
They have suffered heavy loss's..left exposed in long lines on sidewalks..filing applications...Hauled off bus's and Murdered etc..Infiltrations and killings and murders at various police Stations..

The lack of Concern for thier security and safety is appalling..Yet they continue to apply for new jobs..in desperation for jobs..

In this Case.(The Ministry Infiltration).since these two infiltrators impersonated higher ranking officers..I suspects they were going for higher ranking andspecific targets..and that attempt was foiled..by some fairly good..Loyal..and alert inner compound security forces..

One has to suspect these guys had associates working the Outer Perimiter Check point security forces..who helped pass them on through.. so they could get inside and carry out thier mission..

I think they should closely examin and screen (Profile) all outer security members who let these guys get through..

Infiltration is one of the Biggest Threats we face..

I agree with those who say we just never had the right amount of troops and Secialists to do this job right in the First place..

Someone needs to get the Sunni Community into the Political and Domestic Process..that requires a strong security presence inside the Sunni Community..before the people would be willing to start co-operating..

Right now..everything is more like GANG Turf..people are scared to co-perate..understandably..

First..The Gangs have got to Go..Those efforts may take Years..and still wind up Futile..Because of the Nature of the Creature..

Based on your other reports and information.. This still seems like a Regional Fight between the Shias and Sunnis and thier respective Supporters..

When we finally leave there..The Real show Down May Began..

The Various Forces and Will Power Involved are
Intense and Complicated..

As`an Expert on this Pat..do you think Washington even has a Clue..??

W. Patrick Lang


I think group think precludes that. pl


A little OT, but:

Whatever else it is, it has been one helluva bargain:


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