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22 January 2006


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As the likely replacement for Assad is someone much closer to Hamas than Václav Havel how does Israel stand to gain here?


Dear Patrick:

'“Miss America,” herself'? What are you suggesting by saying this, and using this terminology?

Regards, Tuli


Love that pic. I remember when I first saw it. It made me wonder: Who dressed 'Miss America' this morning.

Tuli: check out the pic (enlarge it)


PL: how about the drumbeat over Iran? We didn't nuke the Soviets, who were a real threat, and now the drumbeat has started for a nuclear attack on Iran.

Am I not smoking the correct plant or something?


"This should go well."

Classic. What could possibly go wrong when the Israelis and the US get involved with Lebanon?

What? Oh. Right.

PL, with both Iran and the Saudis courting Assad do you see any chance that the Syrians leave Lebanon alone?

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