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01 December 2005


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yes Michael and I wish you could get Bush and the rest to listen. We can not afford this war. We can not win it. A dear friend middle aged and a father is being sent back on the 3rd. He is needed here at home.


You should retitle this excellent post - "Back to Black"

a bit off topic


I was wondering if you have any opinion on this rather pessimistic view by Israeli strategist Martin Van Creveld which is currently making the rounds:



Isn't it cheaper and easier to tell the truth in the long run? Everybody knows Iraq is a bloody mess, so why bother lying. Might as well tell the truth so a real solution can be found.

(Yes. I know I am stating the obvious.)


There is an entry in TPM about propaganda in Iraq vs. regulation


Many military officials, however, said they were concerned that the payments to Iraqi journalists and other covert information operations in Iraq had become so extensive that they were corroding the effort to build democracy and undermining U.S. credibility in Iraq. They also worry that information in the Iraqi press that's been planted or paid for by the U.S. military could "blow back" to the American public.


Moreover, the defense and military officials said, the U.S. public is at risk of being influenced by the information operations because what's planted in the Iraqi media can be picked up by international news organizations and Internet bloggers.

...there is more

Norbert Schulz

Anyone who ever read that Chrenkoff's 'blog' on WSJ where he summarises the 'good news from Iraq'? Chrenkoff claims to be a 'journalist' - for trawling the web for exclusively good news from Iraq. Suuuuure. Why, oh why, I wonder, did they place him on the *opinion journal* then ...


Prominent among his sources are Iraqi newspapers and blogs. And there the circle closes.

When U.S. military payes Iraqis for publishing 'good news', err, the truth and nothing but the truth, and they appear online, Chrenkoff's is the place they pop up first - only to be relinked by angry GOP loyalist throughout the blogosphere, engaged in fighting the evil *liberal media bias*. Poor persecuted souls they are.

So, propaganda payed for by U.S. taxpayers already blows back.

And anyone who has the pathetic charade about GOP prostitute Jeff Gannon in memory, knows the Whitehouse just operates the same way.

Same with Judith Miller and her reporting on Saddams remarkably elusive WMD. Fed by sources payed for by U.S. taxpayers money (Pentagon -> INC -> 'defector'), she stenographed, and was then quoted by the warmongers. Condi Rice went along the line "As we all know from the NYT ..."

Insofar, it's nothing new.

Is it damaging, undermining U.S. credibility, stupid and shortsighted - cerainly. But that's, as well, Bush administration SOP.


Doesn't this make the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi captured letter less credible?


This is amazing,

so the 'Victory plan' turns out to be a pure fiction writing done just for the propaganda event. It has nothing to do with Iraq or strategy in Iraq.


Computer Outs WH: Poltical Hack wrote victory Plan

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