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27 December 2005


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" In other words, as far as DIRNSA was concerned Bush took the responsibility onto himself for doing something of doubtful legality and probity. So far as DIRNSA was concerned he, personally, was "off the hook."

Does anyone ever resign from government as a matter of conscience anymore?


I'd say DIRNSA is on safe ground. Although he may know the law, it is unwise to require him to interpret it at the same level as a judge.

His instinct (good!) will be to obey orders.

Of course this presumes that the order is not patently illegal.

W. Patrick Lang


I think the custom has died out. George Marshall, they are not.


Serving Patriot

COL L and Alvord,

And this is exactly the reason we are in such a mess now. Way to many of our "leaders" (especially the military kind) have grown up in a system that values their personal loyalty over loyalty to thier country, a system that elevates personal relationships over the sworn oath to defend our Constitution.

Heck, I'd wager most of our high command could not even recite the preamble to the Constitution.

Lt Gen Hayden should have done the right thing up front - refuse the President's illegal (and unconstitutional) order straight out. Barring that, I hope he received it in writing... that would be one hell of a damning document and future military ethics exhibit.


W. Patrick Lang


"An officer on duty has no friends."



Whatever their loyalties, the "f'ing crazies" [appear to] consider them unreliable. Quote after link is from article.


"WASHINGTON -- The three military service chiefs have been dropped in the Bush administration's doomsday line of Pentagon succession, pushed beneath three civilian undersecretaries in Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's inner circle."

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