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20 December 2005


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Charlie Green

I don't understand their points. besides ranting like an Iraqi O'Rielly when things don't go their way, what was their expected result?

Chalabi was a US stooge. And the winner of this election didn't win anything unless they can toss the US imposed interim rules in the trashbin.

A Shia majority won. Maybe there were some irregularities. Maybe some minority voters got disinfranchised. This is the way democracy works in the 21st century. Get over it. We did. Didn't we?

W. Patrick Lang

Oldbogus The apparent winners don't live in the 21st Century and don't give a damn about democracy any more than a lot of the losers. Oldgringo (Pat)


The mainstream media seem to be shying away from this story. Am I wrong?

New Yorkers Walk to Work Two Days in a Row!

Has it been memory holed?

Charlie Green

Oh, sure, Pat. Make these people out to be backward provincials. They've got blogs. And think the 13th century was so great. Our kind of people.

OK, I guess my cynicism was not clear. And, since you and I are within months of the same age and similar service in VN ('67, supporting 5th SF Group), we'll drop the "old" stuff.

Democracy is one of those ephermal concepts like "justice", "beauty", and "righteousness" with a subjective basis in reality. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Keeping women as property is "right" according to many cultures. But women in particular object. Sore losers.

If these people are gonna have to play by our rules (We said so.), they gotta learn to accept losing. Unless they wanna lose our support. And sharing the money from their, uh, sorry, our oil.

Ingrates. After all we've done for them.

W. Patrick Lang


We can't afford to lose in this and we are well on our way to losing.

A medieval Iraq is not in the interesst of the US and that is what I care about. Always did.

"Provincials?" No. They are the representatives of one of the great human civilizations. Our problem with them is that they think they represent (exclusively) God's will. pl

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