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19 December 2005


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Sorry Larry:

The derriere is high in the air.


P.T. Barnum would be especially impressed:


Jerome Gaskins

Thank you for the Truth.


Mr Lang, I have lurked for a long time, reading your posts with much interest. Although I'm not an American and my country is not currently in your situation, history cannot be overlooked. I feel that the only bastion against a fascist society is knowledge. The articles by you and your partners are illuminating. Thank you.


Why FISA was created in the first place.

Congress in 1978 set up a secret court that the Executive Branch must -- by law -- go through to seek wiretaps or surveillance of foreigners or Americans 'suspected' of espionage or terrorism. FISA was created in the wake of repeated Nixon abuses upon the Constitution.

FISA was passed by the Congress to prevent the kind of abuse that we are witnessing coming from the corrupt Bush admin..

If the secret court always approves White House requests for surveillance, wiretapping, and searches, why did the Bush admin. need to use illegal spying upon Americans citizens in thousands of cases, especially if the court so easily approved their requests? That is the 64 dollar question of the day -- why was it so important for the Bush admin. to break the law?

Bush, sadly has all the earmark traits of various dictators of recent history, he is a law unto himself and he rules as how he sees fit (wheither its legal or not). Bush has proven by his actions, that he cares not for liberty safeguards, let alone the U.S. Constitution.

The 64 dollar question of the day -- why was it so important for the Bush admin. to break the law? So 'whom' was on the Bush admin.'s 'illegal' surveillance list of thousands? Most probably their 'poliical enemies list', much like Nixon had.

Those who do not learn from history will watch it repeat itself over and over again. Bush is Nixon part deux, Executive Branch corruption at its worst -- chapter 2.

Now the ball is in the court of the Congress to either protect our Constitution, or to watch it continue to be shredded by a corrupted Bush Executive Branch.

John Howley

A most serious situation. I agree that the names on the list are the keystone. Here's a hopeful scenario. We (the people) keep the heat on Congress. In January, the Judiciary Committee puts the heat on Alito regarding presidential violations of FISA. (If the Judge does not denounce Bush's actions, then he does not belong on the Court.) If Alito can be forced to side with us (the people) on the FISA matter, then the next step would be an independent bi-partisan commission to investigate Bush's actions and that would include reviewing the names on the wiretap list. Once those names are revealed (even if only indirectly via the commission) then the discussion about impeachment can start. This is one feasible route to impeachment. I'm not attaching any probability to it yet. Picking a fight with that loudmouth in Teheran would short-circuit this process, of course.


What concerns me the most is the possibility - such as by picking a fight with that "loudmouth in Tehran", that an excuse would be made in the "interest of National Security" to "postpone" the next presidential election.

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