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16 December 2005


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Besides all that they farked with Typepad today, too!

The Bastards!


Just kidding with the last one.

This thing with NSA is very serious, and the fact that the NYT knew about this for a year and did not report it for reasons, apparently, of "national security" ought to be investigated thoroughly too.

Serving Patriot


A leading practioner of our vaunted "Fourth Estate" had this story prior to one of the closest (re-)election camapigns in history. I wonder how many libertarian voters for Bush would have changed thier minds in Nov 04 had they known this little tidbit of information? Heck, just a small swing in a few Ohio districts would have been enough to depose this regime.

NYT (again) proves that Hearst still lives and Yellow Journalism survives.


Herb Ely

In the early 1980's I destroyed a file at the request of the Inspector General. The file was a resume of a US Air Force Captain who was completing a Master's degree in soviet Studies at the University of Virginia. The Captain asked me to hold his resume and contact him if a position became available. He hoped to return to Charlottesville after leaving the Air Force.

The IG thought that this constituted keeping a file on a US citizen. While this was true, I had been asked to hold it. Not wanting to argue with the IG (and having the man's name and phone number in my rolodex, I destroyed the file.

I thought the matter trivial, but it did indicate that the IG was taking the matter seriously.

Ethical standards matter only when people are willing to live up them. I'm encouraged by the thought that some NSA employees took them seriously.

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