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16 December 2005


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Now, this is potentially an awkward issue for the Army, I'd think. The idea of embedding journalists came up in the expectation that having journalists accompany soldiers would produce a more positive coverage of the military than not--in this regard, the plan has largely succeeded. This, however, also means that the army has to accommodate journalists enough that they don't feel "used." Expelling journalists for unfavorable coverage of the army, it seems, would only convince them that they are there solely for propaganda purposes, i.e. that they are being used, and would cause them to abandon the "embedded" status.

If journalists leave the army, they'd be truly free to cover whatever they want--the coverage would certainly be less positive for the army. Seems to me that the army would be shooting itself in the foot if they were foolish enough to seem trying to impose an overt censorship over a handful of pictures, all the more so because it is not a secret to the American public that there are indeed military vehicles being shot up in Iraq--a picture or two will not convince them of anything that they don't already know.

W. Patrick Lang

The problem that journalists would have if they were not embedded is that Iraq ad Afghanistan are such hostile places that they rightly fear to go anywhere without Army protection once they are outside the Green Zone/hotels complec. pl


Nobody should take pictures that show the faces of the dead - ANY dead. It is akin to putting heads on the walls of the city. The only difference is that photographs don't stink. It is a violation of something basic that must have a name, even if I can't think of what it is.

W. Patrick Lang


Yes. pl

Patrick Henry

RJJ...Its Called DECENCY..

Airial Views of the Beaches of France tell it all..

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