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04 November 2005


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Fair enough.



"Conscience" is a very dangerous word, Pat. In my experience, the voice of conscience speaks below a whisper which may explain why so few listen to it. What role does conscience play within the military culture? Is it promoted or suppressed? And what's wrong with George, Dick and Don? Don't they have a conscience?


Your opinion of humanity is no lower than my own.

On the other hand, I heard Faulkner once speak of his novel "The Reivers." He insisted that "man would prevail."



Random musing. maybe this question is a bit academic,

but what does it take to create a mass media not owned by current big 6 corporations?

We certainly has nascent form of public forum such as bulletine board, webpages, blog, bit torrent, etc.

but what does it take to replace TV? (newspaper btw is declining fast. They are in 'weekly magazine' position 20 years ago. They can't compete with blogs, just like weekly magazine can't compete with low cost newspaper and TV)

If we observe TV news. 80% of it is pretty face reading teleprompter mixed with 'pictures from the ground'. How can we replace that 80%? I certainly don't particularly care if the news is read by pretty face or not.

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