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26 November 2005


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biden=a johnny come lately"
Not even worth any more of a comment Mr L. Talk about someone with a philosophy of "Checking how the wind in blowing".
What a bloody joke.


You can't expect too much from politicians. Someone has to be willing to break with the "contingent" format. pl


It seems to me there has to be a date certain, when most everyone is out.18-24
seems about right for the last troops. We do the best that can be done in that time and leave--NO CONDITIONS!

That's the best option we have, and given the Bush administration's inability to attempt or accomplish anything with a sense of urgency, much less spend any money in accomplishing anything that relates to nation-building, I am not really hopeful of any positive result.

This is the biggest fuck-up I have ever seen! Pathetic!


Rumsfeld is about to get 'you've done a heck'uva job treatement'


SEN. WARNER: The answer is yes. Again, I cannot comment on that meeting because I cannot continue to function with this committee if we don't have a measure of confidentiality. I told each of those officers when they came in there, "This is an off-the-record meeting." All senators present understood that, all staff, but it came out as a leak but I will not confirm it.

Back to Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld when asked this question I think gave a proper answer. And I've been associated with the men and women of the uniform of this country for many years as you well know. There isn't a young company commander, there isn't a lieutenant, there isn't a battalion commander who at times wishes he didn't have more people. But those requests go up, and in this instance, those requests were reviewed by senior officers.

And Rumsfeld has to rely on the--General Abizaid, General Casey to make those evaluations. Each time they've asked for more individuals, he has sent them. The best example, we're up to 158,000, an increment of 20,000, to make sure the referendum was done under the best controlled circumstances.

And then Biden sealed the issue's fate:

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