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06 November 2005


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sadly, don't count on either al-hurrah or sawa cleaning house in the future, as both are entitites with tunnel-vision. so we (the taxpayers) have to squat and watch and listen as the fumbling and bumbling nincompoops of al-hurrah and sawa garner further distrust by an arab world that changes their channels and dials to something that is more in tune with 'reality' in the arab world and globe at large. al-hurrah and sawa are nothing but 'boonedoggles' soaking our taxpayer pockets. propaganda entities sometimes work, and sometimes they do not. the 'propaganda' that is al-hurrah and sawa, have turned into nothing but high-dollar dismal failure. radio free europe they are not.


Get rid of 'em both!

We need an "al-Hughes" channel. She does such a good job reaching out to the Arab world. No one can express the ignorance of the Bush Admin. better.


Colonel Patrick Lang,

In response, see my diary at BooMan Tribune:

Norman J. Pattiz - Chairman BBG Middle East Committee

... of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). The committee represents the propaganda arm of the Middle East Initiative, which seeks to "democratize" the region against its will.


Why are we spending money on these ludicrious fictional news stations. Arabs can watch Al-Jazerra and see daily images of Gaza. Our silence over that catastrophe drowns out any feel-good agit-prop. Col. Lang, are you the only American who actually asks Arabs why the believe as they do? What a concept.

James Coates

It is a big waste of money. Tom Morgan the director in Dubai has been absconding from duty for the past three years the majority of the time .... and surprise he is still being paid in excess of $150,000 a year. Also, the Technical Director in Dubai Vivek Chopra a 32 year old INDIAN REAL IDIOT who knows nothing about broadcasting or IT and who has no managerial experience hires useless guys like himself and has been having a blast wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars of US tax payers money. In fact this useless 32 year old IDIOT is still ranking on the top 100 highest paid federal government contractors for the past 4 years ... I believe the US Congress should fire Chopra as he is far more harmful to US interests than Register..........

A Daqn


FYI, Mouafac Harb has shown up of late (today, April 1, 2008) as a "political consultant" based in Beirut -- according to Janine Zacharia in "Iran Incites Cold War With U.S. in Lebanon Roiled by Hezbollah" -- for Bloomberg.

Regards -

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