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05 November 2005


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Pat..Good Post..and Assesment of the Fench Situation..I hate to see these Growing Conflicts around the World..These are MAJOR Problems that add to the Complexity of the Accelerating Problems in the World..

Germany is Facing the Same Problem..I know the Feelings of several Germans about this OUSLANDER Problem which is Identical to Franchs Situation..and a Growing Burden on the German Economy and the Middle Class ..and thier Once Robust Standard of Living..

I fear the same Deveopments
in Germany eventually will take Place as this Global Political and Social Unrest Grows..

You are Right to Take Notice of other Events taking Place..They form a Pattern..

The4re is Not Much Light at the End of the Tunnel
Its Rapidly Getting Dimmer..


I should add that you are Right to show Appreciation for the French Culture and the Bonds they have with the People of the United States..Bonds that go back to thier Helping us during Our American Revolution ..

The Word LIBERTY..is the Same in Any Language..but it Has a Special meaning in the French Language..If anyone Appreciates LIBERTY..Its the Frech..

Jerome Gaskins

I hope the United States learns this lesson wrt hispanics.


I tried not to be too obvious. pl


Amen. Anyone who thinks the French don't fight should read about Dien Bien Phu.


Pat, excellent on all points. Don't need to read about Dien Bien Phu, Yorktown said it all.


Yes, but Isabelle kills me every time I read about it. pl


Common sense post, Pat, and rich with your knowledge of history and your own experiences.

By the way, Jerome A Paris -- a French banker and expert on energy development around the globe -- has a new story up this morning -- his aunt's building was burned last night. Thankfully, she is alright. (Click on my name to read his story.)


Vive la France, in my opinion.

I, too, like France and the French. And I've come to believe that many Americans dislike the French because there are so many similarities. Americans and Frenchmen are utterly chauvinistic and convinced of their moral and world superiority.

My own experience is that the French are very warm and gracious, even in Paris, if they are treated with respect -- as is true of most people in the world.

The French are very protective of what they consider their national character. The current crisis is serious. I agree with Pat that the French will restore order (even if that doesn't solve the long-term problem). And it could be messy. If Chirac doesn't get control, LePen is standing in the shadows.

Charlie Green

I find this thread interesting since France was about as much a nation decades (centuries?) ago as Iraq is now: regional, diverse, and ruled by "tribal lords". Eventually the kings in Paris united them all under the monarchy. Then they lost their heads. Literally.

But never mind that. The real issue is: do we (Merkins, which this what this is actually about) integrate the "furriners" unilaterally (English only, nuclear families, the "right" standards, etc.) into our culture or allow the culture to change to accomodate them?

History has the answer: no. Ask any Native American. Love our McDonalds or leave us. (That was sarcasm.)

J Thomas

I'm sad for the french and the arabs in france. I don't immediately see what any american can do to help.

As for the question whether we try to integrate our cultures according to one standard or integrate them letting the mass culture slide to fit, or leave them separate....

The third choice is dangerous. It tends to leave us with separate cultures trying to get along, and when they don't we get the french problem.

The first looks difficult. How do we persuade all alternate cultures to do everything our way? They're likely to politely refuse and then what? We notice them saying Kaddish or whistling Dixie and throw them out of the country?

We have to try to get the different cultures to meld together enough to get along. It's a long slow process if it works.

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