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26 November 2005


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The message I take away from that is -

* anyone opposed to space-based weapons is crazy as an outhouse rat;
* an associate, sympathizer, or fellow-traveler thereof;
* or an appeaser of aliens.


--- “Our Canadian government needs to openly address these important issues of the possible deployment of weapons in outer war plans against ethical ET societies.” ---

Yeah, but we should shoot down those unethical ones who only come to steal our Molsons, eh.

Now accepting donations of tinfoil hats. Shiny side out, please.
(Mr. Cheney, kindly share yours with our northern neighbours.)


Kinda puts things in perspective, doesn't it? I was planning to catch up on some chores today, but what's the use?

Iraq, shmirac....

(That said, I once did see a UFO. I'm not saying it was extrterrestial, but it sure wasn't a weather balloon. It was at night, and it/they were a grouping of points of light, very similar to the ones seen in that famous photograph taken over Phoenix. They moved from east to west, on a windy night with a strong gusts blowing in from the Pacific (this was in San Francisco). They realigned themselves in flight, and stopped and hovered numerous times. They disappeared in the blink of an eye towards the west. All told, they were in my field of vision for perhaps 10 seconds. I was at work, sitting on a forklift, perhaps 3/4 a mile off the Bay, and sober as a judge).

W. Patrick Lang


Aliens should not be appeased. They are emboldened by Chanberlain-like behavior. This can only lead to our having to fight them inside the asteroid belt, rather than on Aldeberan IV where the "mother hive" is located. This is assuming that they are not "ethically mature elder brother" types.

Space based weapons? You mean the "pumped laser, argon augmented, Excalibur" kind of thing? Or, maybe the Soviet leftover things in Bond movies or in "Space Cowboys?"

Hey, if we had'em we would have shown them off. What would be the point in not displying them? Unknown weapons do not deter.

In any case, we are broke, no money for bases on the moon. Unfortunately.



Space invaders! Gadzooks!

As for intergalctic WMD, it could exist.

To all those who scoff, remember "the absence of proof is not the proof of absence".


I sometimes wonder, what I would say to an Alien if I were the very first to talk to them.

My option seems a little limited:

-wanna gum?
-Nice ride. what's the milage of that flying soucer anyway?
-it's nice weather today, how is that ammonia mask of yours holding?
-are you comfortable in that space suit? isn't it kinda hot?

would it be polite to ask directly what probably any government will ask?

-hey nice little ray zapper you got there. Wanna trade with this gum and some trinkets? got more cool toys?
-Can you help us with this jumper cable? We only need to light up few cities. You know, energy crisis and all.
-get me outta this planet...pleaseeee... we have a mad man in charge.


Beats the heck out of watching Mulder & Sculley.

W. Patrick Lang


I liked the shower room scene in the film "Starship Troopers."



First human communication to aliens: "Wow, are you for real?"


"We're fighting the aliens in the asteroid belt so we don't have to fight them here."

Yes, too bad we really don't have technology that allows us to do much of anything in space. And weapons - what's our score on ground based missile interception? One for four? When we know when and from where it was fired? Not exactly Interstellar Dreadnought level.

(For first words at alien contact I'd have to go for "Klaatu barada nikto.")


First human communication to aliens: "Wow, are you for real?"
Posted by: jerry | 26 November 2005 at 07:30 PM

probably the alien will answer back in snarky way: 'wow, earthlings are as stupid as the galactic tourist guide says. Do you also hunt woolly mammoth and gather berries like the guide says? The guide says ya'll jsut emerge from cave dwelling civilization. Honey come quick and bring the tele-giga-camera too. Uncle Earnie would love to hear this.'


Let's hope we don't get a teenage alien with ADD and too much attitude. ... ehrrr...


Gracias por la informacion, un saludo! desde Uruguay

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