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27 November 2005


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Bring back Tito! Ring a bell?


What Hakim said has the ring of truth, in my experience. The US has held back and pulled its punches. Many Shia leaders, particularly tribal sheikhs, wanted to take harsh action, not only against Sunni insurgents, but against Moqtada's Mahdi Army.

Michael Murry

It all sounds like Shiite nostalgia for Paul Bremer's de-Baathification (i.e., purging of Sunnis) so beloved of Ahmed Chalabi and his Iranian friends in Tehran:

The U.S. hires itself out for free to the Shiite-Kurdish alliance as the "industrial grade" destroyer of Sunni towns and villages while the Shiites and Kurds do the pin-point, targeted killings of Sunnis so politically effective locally. What a combination!

Meanwhile the United States keeps operating at 20+ dead GIs and $1.5 billion per week with the "rest" of the disintegrating American military and treasury "tied behind its back." Still though, somehow, despite all the "success," we somehow keep hearing the same old calls for "escalation" because our success apparently hasn't succeeded.

The Bad Puppet Bottom Line:

The Shiites do not want America making any deals with the Sunnis. Like the long succession of dependent puppet regimes in South Vietnam, they have only one guiding policy, as Frances Fitzgerald said: "Make dependency pay." The bad Shiite puppet wants to keep the bungling American puppeteer ensnared in its own strings for as long as possible. What about this obvious chicanery seems the least bit difficult to understand?

W. Patrick Lang

Mike et al

Yes. The puppets are often difficult and want to dance by themselves. pl


Allawi's a hypocrite. Those abuses were well established while he was Interim Prime Minister[1]. The only difference then was that US forces looked on in approval. I still remember his govt gloating about how many detainees they had. Any "disease" that exists now in the Interior Ministry he helped infect it with.
[1]: e.g. http://rummysdiaries.blogspot.com/2004/07/incident-group-of-5-iraqi-men-arrested.html


This discussion could be broadened.

COL Lang: What is the likelihood that military training will engender unconditional loyalty to the government in Iraq?

That is, does our strategy of training troops represent a real strategy to stabilize Iraq?

W. Patrick Lang


I think that the existence of truly "national" armed forces contributes in the long run to a wodespread sense of national identity in a people and the existence of the armed forces being "stood up" will have that effect if they last long enough.

In the present situation they have amore immediate task which is to determine whether or not said "national" government will exist at all in the short run. pl

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