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26 October 2005


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The Witch

Who's announcing them today if the press conference won't be until tomorrow?


Probably just a press release if there's no PC.


please don't say "no PC" when you mean Press Conference. It scares me, since that's a common acronym for Probable Cause, which is the standard for securing a charge viz. an indictment or information.

mr. fireplaces

Merry Fitzmas everyone! I was a little down this morning when I learned the indictments wouldn’t be announced until tomorrow, but the magic of Fitzmas came through.


Whats George W. Bush going to Say about all of this..??

"Who Could Have Anticipated..???"

He's the Boss..This is His administration..He has Hired and Appointed all these People..

Where does the ultimate Responsibility Belong..??

Didn't He have a Responsibility to VERIFY..??

How could any of this had been done without His Knowledge or Approval..??

I suppose He is going to tell us that He was DUPED..

Sounds kind of like DUPID doesn't it..??

How about if we Get Rid of Both the Far Right and Far Left elements who have Taken over BOTH Partys and start over again..??

I have had my Fill of BOTH

For the good OF THE NATION..How about some Monderation for a Change and some Bi Partisan co-operation on both sides..

Or does that make me what Pat said He has become..

A Conservative Libertarian..??

The Heretik

Now CNN reports: The federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA operative's identity adjourned Wednesday afternoon and Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald made no public announcement of any action.

Do you think Fitz still has something up his sleeve? Or will he announce later?


My stomach is in knots. I can't believe I'm so emotionally involved in this.


"Merry Fitzmas everyone! I was a little down this morning when I learned the indictments wouldn’t be announced until tomorrow, but the magic of Fitzmas came through."

Looks like we might get the twelve days of Fitzmas.


the whole country is, betsy.

Professor Pollkatz

Isn't is customary to make big announcements like this late in the afternoon, especially on Friday, after the financial markets close?


I doubt Fitz is all that concerned about the impact of the announcement on the markets.

However, it wouldn't surprise me if he made sure all the indictees were informed before making a public announcement. Given that these are high level political officials, who will experience a lot of press atttention, it would only be fair play to give them some advance warning and let them tell their families before the circus begins.

Furthermore, given the nature of the charges and their likely use of sensitive materials, I'm sure at least some of the indictments, if not all, will be sealed.


How late in the afternoon can we get? It is already 4 EST...


Did Fitz forget he had to pick his nephew up after soccer practice?

You might want to go back and ask your U.S. government official.

It's not nice to do this to us. I was supposed to get married this afternoon at the justice of the peace, but I put it off to see the indictments announced. Now it looks like I might have to look for a new bride.


I am checking back tommorow morning. If I do not have precise details on Fitzmas, I will commit a wanton act of terrorism here in Wisconsin. Save a building, Richard.


Well darn. An early Fitzmas was going to be my reason to meet friends for celebratory drinks after work. Its a shame because, from what I've read, Mr. Sale had a very good reputation for accuracy until this.

Kagro X

Surpise! Nobody knows nothin'! SSDD.


your information was wrong that there would be indictments this afternoon


Maybe they did come down today..But first had to be Sent to the respective Partys and Attorneys and they will Be made PUBLIC..
on Friday...??


Might be days before they are public - they may negotiate a surrender and booking a la DeLay in advance.


Announcements today? But it's pushing 5pm on the west coast, so it's late out there....


Today? But it's almost 5 on the west coast, so it's late out there. That can't be right...


Any more updates or speculation?
I'm disappointed nothing happened today, but I hear the White House is also upset, so at least we finally agree on something.


I guess your sources arent' evry reliable


Mental Note: Matt Drudge is more reliable than Richard Sale. Got it.


Indictments this afternoon?

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