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16 October 2005


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Cole agrees with you as to the authenticity of the letter buit comes to broader conclusions; Iran, black psy-ops operation of the US, or Shi'a groupr attempting to manipulate the US. I'd say someone is getting their leg pulled.



Michael Murry

Given how easily the Shia convicted bank fraud and Iranian spy, Ahmed Chalabi, manipulated the American government -- not to mention the New York Times -- into overthrowing Saddam Hussein for him, I'd say it doesn't take much for Iranian-connected Iraqi Shias to get bogus documents published on America's War Department web site.

Then again, it didn't take much for the French-Catholic North Vietnamese, Ngo Dinh Diem, to manipulate America into transporting him and his extended community from Hanoi down to Saigon after 1954 and then set him up in his very own "country" for almost a decade before the enraged South Vietnamese overthrew and killed him in 1963.

Self-interested foreign ex-patriates seldom find it hard to make their way straight to the highest levels of America's corrupt and clueless government -- enriching themselves and ensnaring the American people every step of the way.

I wonder who will get Chalabi's reserved seat at Bush's next State of the Union Speech?


How much do these letters matter?

Why/how do they get released?

It is interesting to me that we seem to get very selective leaking on intelligence.

Pat Lang


I don't think there is evidence for Cole's larger conclusion.




Attack on the Ahwazi region Iran to build a buffer zone (and get the oil)?

This weekend they had bombs going off there again. MEK or Brits?

Hersh also reported that such an attack is coming

Pat, do you have any idea if this is possible?

Pat Lang


As I said I think the letter is phony.

As for Khuzistan/Ahfaz, there are long standing Arab irredentist claims to the region.



Cole is a master of speculation; you got to be careful when reading him or anyone for that matter.



As I said I think the letter is phony for the reasons stated.



As for Khuzistan/Ahfaz, there are long standing Arab irredentist claims to the region.

I did know that. Do you expect US/UK to "intervene" any "revolution" in that area?


I´ll take that for a "yes"

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