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26 October 2005


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Whoa. Formatting? Please?

This article is kind of hard to read in it's present state.

Tex MacRae

Pat, is this Sale's rough draft, or what?


So much info!


Is 9/11 connected to the Niger forgeries???


Great analysis, thanks!

station wagon

Mr. Lang, I watched you on the NewsHour in the lead up and beginning of the war with great respect for your wise insight and commentary. I was so happy and impressed when I found that you are posting at BooMan Tribune. I want to give you a link to the Diane Rehm Show on NPR today--a fascinating conversation about the planning, intelligence, 'neocon cabal', Doug Feith, etc., surrounding the Iraq war. The guests are Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, and Max Boot, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. So much is covered in this segment that you may be interested in, and I am surprised to be listening to all of this hit the mainstream (if you consider NPR mainstream). The show allows for questions and e-mails from listeners, adding a fascinating dimension for the show--smart listeners!

You can listen online later today--it's right after a short segment on the Meiers withdrawal:


Damning if true. What is the veracity of this article, however? I suppose we will ultimately find out.


Thank you, R.S.

but wrt to some of the above comments:

[expletives deleted]

[expletives deleted]

boggle. fume. rant.

Claud Breton

Is Richard Sales still with the UPI? Does the UPI still exist? Was this report originally in a real newspaper, or, is it going to be in real newspaper? Thanks.


Is this a rough draft?

Claude, Greg

He is still with UPI. They did not object to his post on my site.

It was first published here, and I don't know what he will do with it.

Draft? I don't think so.



Then why isn't UPI publishing its reporter's article?

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