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24 October 2005


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movie lovers tip:

- 'previously seen' video and DVD. My latest source of great popular movie. Most goes for $2-4, cheaper than going to the movie. (I think Bill murray movie is already on sale, I got it for $3 bucks)

- netflix. (all DVD one cares to watch for small monthly fees)


I liked the Life Aquatic but I liked Bill Murry better in Rushmore. They both are certainly odd movies. :)


I wish the reviewer had realized that the "Brazilian folk songs" he mentions were actually all David Bowie songs sung in Portuguese. I'm still not sure what the point of that was, but it was a funny touch.

chocolate ink

I couldn't get interested in Life Aquatic but did love his movie 'Lost in Translation'.


I haven't seen it but have seen LIT several times and think it is wonderful.

It will remain a wonderful Mars/Venus issue that we do not know what he whispers to her in the last scene.

Women seem to think that he says goodbye to her. No man I ever talked to thinks that. We all think that what he says is,"I'll see you in LA." pl

chocolate ink

I go back and forth wondering what he whispered to her..and hope you're right...although I did think it was goodbye also.

I didn't know it had turned into a Mars/Venus issue..that's interesting.

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