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27 October 2005


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The news about the new New York Ave. offices turned out to be misinformation, disinformation, or plain old grapevine static.


so any assumptions based on that need to be modified.

Perhaps I am misreading.

Jerome Gaskins

I wish these characters would be executed for treason.


Richard Sale, thanks for the interesting info. I admire your reporting for UPI and look forward to now reading your other posts now. I also hope that you are right and that Fitz gets as many as 4 or 5 top WH officials.


The NYT article specifically says that "The notes do not show that Mr. Cheney knew the name of Mr. Wilson's wife. But they do show that Mr. Cheney did know and told Mr. Libby that Ms. Wilson was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency and that she may have helped arrange her husband's trip." So the contention that "An October 25 account in The New York Times, alleged that Libby first learned of the agent's real name weeks before her identity became public in 2003 during a June 12 conversation between Cheney and Libby. According to the Times account, Cheney told Libby the covert name of the wife of Joseph Wilson, a former U.S. diplomat who had publicly alleged that the administration had mishandled of intelligence relating to Iraq's nuclear weapons programs." is not accurate.

Is it possible that Libby learned of Joe Wilson's wife's identity from Cheney but her name and other details from State? That would reconcile these stories.


~~~Is it possible that Libby learned of Joe Wilson's wife's identity from Cheney but her name and other details from State? That would reconcile these stories.
Posted by: | 27 October 2005 at 08:28 PM ~~~

How about this scenarios:

Bolton has suspicion, but he doesn't know enough to confirm. Then he told cheney to dig up more (remember Cheney strange visits to CIA?)

Then both men put together the information to arrive at the conclusion that Plame is indeed Wilson wife. Random musing:

1. Nobody has explain yet what exactly is Cheney asking/doing while he was visiting CIA. Is there a record to that conversation inside the CIA?

2. What exactly does Bolton knows when he was still at state dept. while holding CIA portofolio.

3. Obviously the two men seperately can't figure out Plame NOC information.

4. The big question nobody has yet figures out: Who among those men is capable of devising the conspiracy scheme? (collect the info, put it together without getting cought, and finally in position to device the conspiracy scheme and chanelling it through WHIG. The WHIG crews aren't exactly the brightest bunch who knows how to shut their mouth, so obviously the schemers would try to protect the step above while giving them the extracted conclusion.)

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