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03 October 2005


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Michael Murry

Oh, no! Here we go with the "sanctuaries" in Cambodia and Laos, again.

If you can't fight and win a war of occupation in one little country, then by all means, just spread the war and its destruction to include some neighboring little countries.

America doesn't have a sane or responsible government. The Lunatic Leviathan has gotten loose to run amok again. Why does this all look like a bad remake of Lord of the Flies?


Lord of the Flies was short & to-the-point. Unfortunately, this is looking much more like a volume out of Decline & Fall...

Will the Admin implode before it explodes?

Pat Lang


The empire lasted until 1453 (?) in its Byzantine form. We will have to do better to beat that. pl

Niels H

Constantinople did indeed fall in 1453 to the ottoman turks. Some historians puts the fall of Trebizon in 1461, as the end of the Byzantine empire, but they are the minority.

Brilliant blog, keep it up.

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