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31 October 2005


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Thanks for Sharing..

Lots of Truth and Meaning and Insight,and Feeling and Pain in Your Poem..

That was Known as the Time
of the End Of Innocence..
That Formed Bonds Only the Honorable,In The Band of Brothers and Sisters Who Served and Serve, Can Understand..The Ones Cry at the Sight of a Flag Draped Coffin..Who get Chills When They Hear Taps..
Who Understand the Value of a Human Life..Who Understands the Consequences when a Nation Asks its People to Serve and Fight in the Military..

Who Hope that American Means it when it Calls that Battle.."OPERATION JUST CAUSE.." Because People are Going to Die..


No more Lunch Boxs Carrying American Pie..

Hello to the Age of the Political.. Lie

This will Be the Day.. alot of Joe Lunchboxs Say Goodby..

With the Death of Innocence We all Learned to Cry..

IN Viet Nam ..The Price Was to High..

But those Who were there
Will Never let the Memory Die..

Of those Joe Lunch Boxs..
Who Went to the Sky..

Believing in Duty, Honor and American Pie..

And those Left Behind All Have to ASK.......Why..??


I sent it to Alan.



Thanks Pat..

My Daughter owns One of those Flags..

It was Presented to her on Behalf of a Grateful Nation..

More that being Just a Flag..It is a Piece of His Soul..It Represents a Human Life..A Good Man Who Served when His Nation asked Him to..

He just wanted to Come Home for the Birth of His Son..Come Home to Hugs and Family and Friends..

We all Know What Price Rick Paid for that Flag..

And All others Who Have Paid the Same Price..Because those Flags are PRICELESS..

Those who Serve are Americas Finest...

That is the True Price for FREEDOM..

The First Duty of Government..is to HONOR Human Life..


Have we met?


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