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22 October 2005


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Jerome Gaskins

unfortunately, those who disparage people without knowledge of them will never acknowledge evidence that disproves their "theories".


I see a place with a serious air pollution problem


They still have a psychological aversion to physical work, treat women like crap, and display honor towards alibaba(if he benefits the group). Oh...and Inshala!


You forgot the part about picking their toes.


Joe America

Lovely. What a difference 14 years makes....too bad it was mostly American contractors who built those skyscrapers.


Parabéns por estas fotos
e espero um dia conhecer esta maravilhosa cidade de Dubai quando eu tiver dinheiro.

Ruth Franz

Simply amazing! Now if we could just calm our fears about travelling through that part of the world, what a great adventure and experience this could be. I would love to see this city in person.


It's an amazing change; it is however unfortunate how dubai treats its own people and its own foreign workers, who live in appalling conditions, misery amidst luxury. The true definition of backwardsness is an absolute economic disequilibrium, where human rights are trumpled under rushed attempts to create an overly materialistic facade. Keep it up?


The Arabs bring in American architects, German engineers, Korean contractors, and South Asian laborers (whose passports are confiscated), to build their gleaming cities, paid for with oil pumped out of the ground by American and British engineers. The only difference in the participation of the Arabs in this process over the past 75 years is that they now pick up their checks by limo instead of camel.

Their minds are as backwards as ever; if not for the West, they'd still be living in tents.


Rainfall about same as Yuma AZ. Nice greenery. High rises mean lots of flush toilets. Where do they get their water?


Mitch, the responsible reaction is to ignore you. But I'll bite. Feel free to post your novel, your documentary film, your Nobel Prize winning problem set, your engineering design breakthrough, your resume detailing your contribution to the advancement of 20th or 21st Century learning.

"The Arabs." Like you have a clue.



De-salination plants. pl



You are absolutely right Mitch. This is the reality which we are facing.

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