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28 October 2005


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thanks very much for posting this, it's a very important issue.


Thank you for your fine posts, Col. Lang.
"... there are a lot of critics of Joe Wilson out there who support the president and his stance on the war who say you know what? He's really responsible ..."
I wish I would have seen the interview because I may be reading too much into the transcript. Aside from Blitzer's slimy innuendo that this is Plame and Wilson's own fault, was he implying that criticizing Wilson equates to supporting the President and the war? And hence, following the Administration's own twisted logic, supporting Wilson means you're with the terrorists? I hope Wolf gets a stipend for pushing this tripe. Or maybe I'm just going over the line into full-blown paranoia.


I think Wolf is just trying to walk a line down the middle. What it looks like depends on where you, yourself, are stading. pl


Yes, thank you, as a more dispassionate reading shows. I've been succumbing to the witch-hunt mentality.

Michael Murry


Even paranoids have real people following them.

For our unfortunate troops in Iraq, paranoia assumes a whole new level of meaning. They not only have real people following them, but planting bombs in the road ahead of them, as well.

This whole, sorry soap opera demonstrates one thing above all else: namely, that America doesn't have a serious government or an adult electorate capable of differentiating trivia from treason.

I didn't see the Blitzer segment in which Pat Lang appeared, but I did see a short snippet from Larry King Live here on CNN International in Taiwan featuring some U.S. Senators along with Michael Isikoff of Newsweek and Bob Woodward of The Washington Post -- a.k.a., The Emerald City Gazette. Woodward still had his green glasses on as he defended Judith (Chalabi's girl Friday) Miller as "the underdog" in all this mess. I mostly heard a lot of melliflously modulated mush with only a tinge of anxiety about "the war" and what it means to George W. Bush.

Like I said, America doesn't have a serious government, serious political dialogue, or adult electorate capable of separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Reading about the Blitzer bit interjecting credulous concern about yet more staged Presidential photo ops in front of yet more Hurricane-damage-as-background wallpaper only reconfirms my esteem for H. L. Menken's dictum: namely, that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

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