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28 October 2005


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from also on page 4

"to the personal attention of LIBBY and another person in the Office of the Vice President."



Ryan Lizza at TNR has confirmed that it was Grossman.


Actually Laura Rosen got the Grossman name first.


Point 4 is particularly interesting and has new information. On May 29, 2003, Libby asked Under Secretary of State for information concerning Wilson's trip to Niger. It doesn't name him but I believe* that was Marc Grossman. (Mark Goldberg at Tapped suggests it's Bolton. Hmm.) That led to the infamous State Department memo on Wilson's trip. . . . (still reading)

From the indictment, point 4:

4. On or about May 29, 2003, in the White House, LIBBY asked an Under Secretary of State (“Under Secretary”) for information concerning the unnamed ambassador’s travel to Niger to investigate claims about Iraqi efforts to acquire uranium yellowcake. The Under Secretary thereafter directed the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research to prepare a report concerning the ambassador and his trip. The Under Secretary provided LIBBY with interim oral reports in late May and early June 2003, and advised LIBBY that Wilson was the former ambassador
who took the trip.


I am waiting patiently for the link between the Franklin indictment and the Plame outing to be made.

It's all about the neocons, and the war they declared on the intelligence community of the United States, because they didn't like the answers they were getting.

click here for some Franklin background, note the naming of Feith, among others.

click here for the true bill on franklin's indictment.

How nice would it be, if fitzgerald can go to this Grand Jury for further indictments?

gas freak

Do you really think this will go to trial? I think Libby's lawyers will work out a plea agreement.


Fitz Knows what He is doing..

He is an experienced Prosecutor who Has good experience at Investigating Organized Crime Boss's..and getting Convictions..HE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THE GAME..

That includes getting one of the Suspects to co-operate For a lesser sentence (The Plea Deal)
or in sending one of the Players Back who has Ageed to provide more Information and Be a "SNITCH" Informant.. or Co-operative Witness..

Mr. Rove has apparently cut a Deal..

Bush would be smart to Fire Cheney and Rumsfeld right now..od Course he can Play the Game like Nixon did..but the result would be the same..

Thanks Mr. Bush for restoring DIGNITY and INTEGRITY..to the White House,..

I guess "Screwing" the American people and Betraying the Public Trust is Just "POLITICS AS USUAL"

As Larry said, Sex between consenting Adults is one thing..

RAPE..is still a CRIME..

Where is the Outrage..??

Mr. President..When are you going to Learn to Think for Yourself..??

Your Duty is to ALL the American People..

And to the Constitution..

And to the Bill of Rights..

And to God..


The PEOPLE elected YOU..

Not the HACKS and CRONYS who Control EITHER Party..

You ought to Read all the Letters and Opinions of Thomas Jefferson..on the Role of Government and the Office of the President..

Jefferson was a Humble and Honest Man..

It would be good Reading for You this weekend Mr. President..You might Learn something..

Maybe even How to think for Yourself..

And Become a Good, Peoples President..

If you really are a Man of God..

And if you Care about all the Sacrifices that have been made, Starting with Our Founding Fathers..to Get Us to this Point..

Were all those Sacrifices Made in Vain..??

Just so we would Wind Up with Influence Peddlers Running Our Government and Wasting the Taxpayers Money..??

You are still the President of All the People..

A Nation of the People, By the PEOPLE and FOR the People ..Mr. President..

PLEASE HONOR AND PRESERVE AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION..Mr. President..Not Influence Peddlers and Carpet Baggers..

Your DUTY is to the AMERICAN PEOPLE..To God and that Constiution..Mr. President..

I Hope you do some Deep Soul Searching, Praying and Meditation..

Without any Cronys in the Room..

All those Great Americans throughout History didn't died for Despots..

They died to preserve Our Freedom and Consitution..

We Rely on Honesty and Integrity in Government..

YOU Cannot serve TWO Masters Mr. president..

Your Choice..Search Your Heart..

Just as I Pray for America,
and its People..I will Pray for You..

I also Read the Bible Mr. President..


Interesting review of Andrew Bacevich's new book:


I'll park this here. Hopefully Mr. Johnson won't sic Pussy Galore on me with a poisoned cocktail fork or Lucretia Borgia with a glass of fortified dysentery.

Sounds like a very good book.


Intresting blog post

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