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19 September 2005


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Colonel, astounding how little history this admin. understands. If Bush can call our operation in Iraq a "crusade" it makes sense he'd call the effort in NO "reconstruction."

They might not be smart or effective but at least they're consistent.


That's the first thing I thought when I saw news reports of Nagin wanting to let folks back into the city -- he's trying to restore normalcy and prevent the city from being erased and replaced with whatever the Jacobins have in mind. It is too soon, but he is right to worry.



the admiral admitted in a video interview today, that the n.o. mayor is in charge of calling the shots as far as n.o. is concerned.

Pat Lang


Yup. Wait till they try Barbour.



Barbour is going to take more than a third of Katrina rebuild money in the "Bash-Clinton relief fund" and help steer it to people who helped with their campaigns and the gambling and oil lobbies so big a part of their Missisippi and Louisiana Machines.

Atrios has a piece up on the fact that Abramoff/DeLay's buddies are running the oversight and ethics reviews.

Of course he compiled those pieces from other bloggers but it is a nice connection of the corruption dots.

My original note on a blog post at huffpo about the rebuild is that the fourteenth Amendment(Forbids the Federal Government and States from paying any debts owed by the Confederacy) can apply for districts within the States involved in regards to debt. Instead any monies owed until then be waived in the form of carte blanche bankrupcty amnesty to broke Katrina households and persons.

It would be a window of exclusion from the current bankruptcy exclusion laws that only allow the wealthy and businesses to declare.

Finally that in itself is grounds for suit on Equal protection in Amendment 14 as well and constitutes a double standard for people so affected in this specific instance. It's why Reps will not let bankruptcy relief be allowed for Katrina victims(fiscal/civil amnesty, not criminal amnesty, no harm to other persons in action or intent is ever justified by such mitigating circumstance as witnessed there).

Fourteen is already being violated by the bankruptcy law change, but to codify it in real terms would make it even more so an issue. Hold the neoconfederates' feet to the fire on this and see these people get a new start.

The next Huey Long, the next Marsalis, the next Connick, the next Fats Domino, the next superstar actor or actress, athlete(Pistol Pete), writer(Anne Rice) may be the person whose family is helped to renew their dreams in life with this.

New Orleans in particular, and the Gulf as a whole.

The Fourteenth is being ignored several times over but Section 5 was in regards to debt in Confederate states, many of the poorest left behind have ties to that legacy, such forbade payments only lead to the logical conclusion of carte blanche amnesty regarding bankruptcy of persons and small business.



The whole head of procurement debacle is about to reveal the larger web. (abramof, safavian wife... yes sir....corrupt cronyism galore. This also involved manual for New Orleans reconstruction funding)

Three days later, Safavian forwarded Abramoff an e-mail describing how an employee at OMB was resisting Abramoff's plan to lease space at the post office. "I suspect we'll end up having to bring some Hill pressure to bear on OMB," Safavian messaged Abramoff.

On the same day Safavian discussed the golf trip with the ethics office, he sent an e-mail to Abramoff from his home computer, advising him how to "lay out a case for this lease." Abramoff subsequently wrote in an e-mail to his wife and two officials of the school that Safavian had shown him a map of the property at his GSA office but had cautioned that Abramoff should not visit again "given my high profile politically."

Safavian nonetheless arranged a meeting for Abramoff's wife and business partner with officials at GSA on the day before he departed for Scotland aboard Abramoff's chartered jet. The trip cost more than $120,000 and was paid for mostly by a charity founded and run by Abramoff, the Capital Athletic Foundation.



...Mr. Safavian had recently been working on developing contracting policies for the multibillion-dollar relief effort after Hurricane Katrina. The Justice Department did not reveal details of Mr. Safavian's arrest, including where it occurred. The department also did not say why the criminal charges were brought directly by prosecutors, rather than by the Washington grand jury investigating Mr. Abramoff. The Justice Department often bypasses a grand jury when a criminal case is brought together hurriedly or when there is fear that a defendant may try to flee.

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