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08 September 2005


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the bone-crusher hath landed.


there people telling him to intercourse self

including a doctor who delivered his newborn daughter after the storm

people were saying it to him off cam on a report the producer had pegged down ambient mics and pegged cheney's up

could hear somone trying to keep them from saying such and the reply "It's the Truth".

PS- please add comments to your Hackworth post. I 'm not familiar with his work but have something quite similar to post. Background info that confirms everything he and Ellsburg.

Hint- you can find it in the archives from jo fish at usndemvet.com.

But it really should share proximity with the same body of work the man's name is best associated with.



FEMA AND DHS 'both' have proven themselves to be a failure. FEMA and DHS need to be 'dissolved', and their assets absorbed by NORTHCOM/DOD.

Since both FEMA and DHS run around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off, their doors need to be closed permanently.

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