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08 September 2005


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call FEMA, they have the money.

from Reuters:

"FEMA will receive nearly all of the funds approved on Thursday -- $50 billion -- while the Defense Department will get $1.4 billion for its rescue efforts. The Army Corps of Engineers will get $400 million to dredge navigation channels, repair pump stations and levees in New Orleans and repair other projects in Gulf states."


I've seen some of the pictures and footage of the animals and I can hardly stomach it.

J Thomas

Surely the doctrine is that rescuing people has the highest priority.

They should rescue animals when that doesn't interfere with rescuing people.

It's probably reached the point they can afford a lot of that.

Pat Lang

J Thomas

It isn't a question of one or the other. It is a question of anal retentive bureaucrats. pl

Mike Anderson

FEMA may have the money, but their leadership hasnt the brains to pound sand down a rat hole. The outright abuse deep within the so-called rescue operation's treatment of refugee animals is a damning blight on America's honor, no less than so much else that passes as public policy. It's pathetic and tragic. Sic transit 'the culture of life'.

Some Guy

Thank you. As has been understood for yearss out in relation to human on human violence, when you tolerate the harm of defenseless animals you are more likely to tolerate the harm or human beings. Or more pointedly, to inflict harm on human beings.

Anyone who has ever cherished their little buddy cannot help but weep to see pets you know are going to die.

Richard McDermott

The situation with pets in New Orleans reminded me of a similar situation we had at Camp Eagle, RVN, in January 1972. The 101st Airborne, Air mobile, Division was standing down and as was the case in I suppose most American units, there where were an abundance of dogs. Through the years a sort of natural selection occurred. The typical dog was a "ratter" that helped keep the rat population at bay. They were mongrels of course but they were usually squatty bodies with short legs and snouts like Terriers. They were the quarter-house of dogs. They reached full speed in about two strides, very fast for short distances, and very maneuverable. It was fun to watch them go after the vermin; it was all a blur of legs and snapping teeth.

Well, the CG of 3rd MAF (Da Nang) issued an order that all dogs had to be destroyed before we departed Camp Eagle. This was not a popular order. Some enterprising folks found a better solution. It seems that a CH47 (with tail numbers obscured) unexpectedly landed on the 3rd MAF CG's helo-pad one bright sun-shinny day. The ramp came down and a horde of dogs came roaring out (some say as many as 200). As far as I know, the culprits were never caught.

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