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08 September 2005


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If we capture the lessons learned then we will be better prepared to deal with future tragedies.

So where are the people who learned the lessons after Andrew?

i guess right there where the people who leaned the lesson after Katrina wil be when the next one hits.

Not to be found.

J Thomas

A lot of the people who learned from Andrew are probably chewing their nails because they have no authority to apply what they know.


"The key to success is a clear chain of command and precise definitions of who can do what and when they can do it."

Sure, but all along the way you must have intelligent, rational and just people staffing positions. And at the top you need a Leader who is intelligent, rational and just.

What we have are demoralized troops, some of them first-rate, led by idiots and toadies. The man at the top is hopeless. He should be impeached immediately. Even if that means Cheney as President--at least it would signal to the world that we haven't completely lost the idea of accountability.

The Administration (the Prez and his Cabinet, who set the tone for everything) is good at one thing and one thing only: terrorizing its opponents into submission. Facts don't matter. If you don't tell 'em what they want to hear, you get "disappeared."

Any functioning unit, even one as hierarchical as an army, has to have the ability for information to flow upwards. In order for that to happen you can't be frightened that if you say something the guys upstairs don't want to hear, you'll be fired.

Did Eisenhower terrorize his subordinate officers, or did he listen to their counsel?

Pat Lang


You have it right. In any good military organization information flows in both directions and a smart commander insists that people inform him fully before he makes decisions and during execution. Are they all smart? No, but the successful ones generally are.

You are right about the Bush people. This is not like working for Marcus Aurelius. Suggest your own emperor for an analog.

From listening to the security forces presser in NO a few minutes ago it seems that there is still no unity of command. They continue to talk about "coordinating" all these groups.

Who is to blame? you tell me. pl


"Who is to blame? you tell me. pl"

George Walker Bush. But what do I know? I'm just a lowly pawn.


PS that said, even a pawn can checkmate a king....


Apparently the Deus ex Machina concession was awarded to a Halliburton subsidiary right after the 2000 election.

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