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15 September 2005


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well said. your comments were right on the mark, the question is will our policy wonks in d.c. wake up and smell the roses? or will they continue their current approach?


I'd like to see COL Lang's opinion on what we should do here.

It is obvious that things are screwed up, and I am genuinely confused about what we're trying to achieve in Iraq.

So, question to COL Lang: We know things are messed up. What can be done about it, and how does a new policy help the country?


The situation is outrageous.

We attack. They melt away. We declare victory. They come back.

Where have I heard this before?

Michael Singer

I am reading your analysis and I am reading The Long Valley and it's feeling like deja vu all over again.
Don't they learn anything from the French colonial occupation and our anti guerilla war experience against the Viet Minh or the NLF???


There's more attempts to subvert Syrian sovereignty via countinsurgent/cointelpro kind of operations than we're being allowed to see.

We should have sided with them, the war created a refugee crisis they have on two borders now with Lebanon becoming another destabilized region.

When will they create a Tonkin scenario that gains enough traction to invite response?

Lord knows the neocons are trying...

By sweeping homes of peope who aren't refugees and trying to stay we create more resent and end up disarming any opposition these groups would encounter as well.

Pat, how many of hits have we verified that were people we helped enable? WHat kind of desertion rate exists amongst trained police/troops there who are not third country foreign nationals amongst mercenary/troop ranks?

SNAFUBAR- Bush has created a new diplomtic term! Is our voters learning?

Pat Lang


We didn't learn much and what we learned we forgot.


Pat Lang


Let's see -

You can beat them.


You can make a deal with them. "Them in this case means the Baatho-nationalist guerillas, not the Jihadis. You can't make a deal with the Jihadis. They are not interested,

The problem with the latter is that the Kurdo-Shia government won't accept that until they get a lot more bloodied.


COL Lang: So we will hang around until everyone is exhausted and then facilitate a deal. Could be a long time. Why not wait on the sidelines?


But the Baath party had the most secular leanings and it is the ONLY way we'll ever get to establish dialogue with that land.

The Bush-Ba'ath party as it was one time referred to?

How about a better idea- one nation under Allah vs. One nation under Jeebush!

We're developing the new thirty year's war! Why didn't we learn anything from the French and British? 'Just say no' to colonial lagresse...

Pat Lang


Your problem is that the Jihadis want nothing to do with you.

The Baath? A big nothing.



We immobilized the Baath immediately, they were a threat to Chalabi, who is a fraud.

Jihadis is being claimed as SUnnis? Yet Al Sadr is Shi'ite and the strongest opposition?

SOunds like the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Try and force Shi'ite elements to side with us against this flags op.

Strange that the victims in this instance on hard targets were all Iraqi profiles.

The ambush of troops sounds like another random encounter, less of a planned or staged attack as there was no attempt to wait for help to arrive and attack them.

Usually their method is to get the extraction support harder than the originals, unless no such help arrives at all.

They're changing tactics again as they get used to our style, a good bit of their help now being soliders we trained and arm who defected?

Please elaborate.

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