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30 September 2005


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Amen! About 30 years ago I read Forrest Pogue's multi-volume biography of Marshall and it remains one of the best reading experiences of my life. There aren't very many JCS members since 1947 who deserve to empty Marshall's bed pan, and Myers isn't one of them.


So I take in you're also denying that George Bush is the greatest president in the history of America? And that Rumsfeld is the greatest SOD?

Pat Lang





Poor Gen. Myers - he's got the same hapless befuddled expression that Earl Wheeler, his predecessor in spirit and in fact during the Late SE Asian Unpleasantness had.

Two sad sacks, both occupying the job during times when we definitely could have used somebody better.

If Myers was only going to read one book, too bad it couldn't have been McMasters' "Dereliction of Duty".


In what percentage of Lebanon was they're fighting during the civil war there? If you get my drift ...

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