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03 September 2005


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Pat Lang


Baloney. pl


Your opinion, if you would share it, on Fall's Street Without Joy. I have not read Windrow but shall add him to my list.

Pat Lang


Fall was a lecturer at the Special Warfare school at Ft. Bragg when I went through there in '64 and heard him lecture several times. Very interesting, very French, very knowledgeable.

I have read several of his books, some several times. The one you refer to is a good book. It particularly captures the fighting from the point of view of the French Union forces to whom he was much attached and in some sense in mourning for until he stepped on a mine. The maps are good and it is easy to follow the action in his book.

Windrow's book does all that and in addition discusses the political background of the struggle in depth as well as the detailed structure of the armies and the political warfare of the Viet Minh.

Both are good books. pl

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