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11 September 2005


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What do you think is the best that can be salvaged out of this?


When you've got a tiger by the tail, you're already in trouble.

J Thomas

You didn't have bullet points for jordan, syria, iran, libya, or saudi arabia. Are there any bright points or awful chances showing up in those?

My impression is that Karen Hughes has the job of making whatever happens look good to american voters. That isn't such a big job when the mass of voters simply don't hear much. She doesn't need to transform the middle east so much as persuade american voters that the middle east is being transformed....

I get the impression that the vietnamese didn't hate us for very long after we lost. Maybe a lot of them thought of us as evil imperialists, but they were willing to accept us as evil imperialists who lost. Is there any chance we won't be hated much in iraq, or does the culture require it?

Pat Lang


The Vietnamse don't have the the collective attitude that they are cultural rivals of ours.

On the other hand a lot of Iraqis are very practical people, so... pl

Pat Lang


These people have to solve their own problems. We can't do it for them. pl


Did they have such an attitude toward the french predecessors in 'Nam and devlop it towards us?

As for the attutude of those who fought against us during Viet Nam, the best writer is Biao Ninh('The Sorrow of War') whose work surpasses that of 'All's Quiet on the Western Front'.

After the war, he shuffled around various blue collar jobs, haunted with flashbacks, made fun of by the next generation for displaying such Shell Shock, and principally abandoned by the Government he fought for and being minimised of influence within the community and political process.

So he spends more time in bars drinking away what it was he went through and being walking wounded haunted by the ghosts of war, or combat, of collateral incidents on both sides.

The highest point is riding a ten speed through Hanoi with his girlfriend on his way to the dispatch center when the entire city streets went empty at the sound of air raid sirens. Literally they were two kids with the city to themselves and young love. It doesn't end lovely and he arrives at a point in real life that his book was banned for having questioned the sacrifices made...

War has universal traits and there's more on the other side or middle ground who would want to see it end than those who want to see its continuance.

Ritzy Mabrouk

Thanks for the interest in our country!



Pat Lang

ya Ritzy

Ahlan bik fi blooghy. fi makan khas li-sha'ab al misry fi qalbi.


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