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04 August 2005


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Col. Lang, 2 general question unrelated to this post: what sources do you read regularly? Are you planning on including links on the sidebar?

I've been reading this blog consistently and am grateful for your insight. My father graduated a year behind you (I think) at VMI and his good friend B. Walker pointed me here.




You are getting the benefit of my life's experience and reading.

I am far too lazy in retirement to start compiling a bibliography. You are supposed to do that. That's VMI talking.

I read the newspapers and people send me material to contemplate from around the world. I don't generally read current affairs books. I have lived through a lot of the build up to events that we are now experiencing and I would be afraid to confuse my memory of participation with someone's scholarship from secondary sources or autobiography. Is your Dad still with us? Pat


Thank you for the map.

And gratitude for the blog.

Comments on the buildup to the current situation would be welcome - unless it interferes with [a] work in progress, in which case will await publication.


Col. Lang,
my father is alive and on his way to Maine to sail for the weekend. He'll be glad we spoke.

Do you read Tony Cordesman at CSIS?


Col. Lang,

Thank you for the wonderful map.

Of the film "Lawrence of Arabia", I was able to locate the Huwaitat (Gulf of Aqaba/Hejaz), but not the Harith tribe, whose fictional representative was played by Omar Sharif.

For those interested in an historical analysis of the film (and all things "Lawrence"), I've posted the indicated url.


Looks like I'm unable to include the url via the indicated box or via html tag, so here it is via pasting:


Hah, easy enough!



The map is from HRP Dickson's book "The Arab of the Desert." Dickson was the British political agent at Kuwait for about 50 years. The book is his field notes on the beduin. He was an officer of the Indian civil service. His name is still well regarded in Kuwait. The house in which he lived with his wife (Violet, I believe) is maintained by the Kuwait government as a museum.

"East is East and West is West, except..."

Pat Lang



Harith appears to be an 'ashira (sept or clan) of Qureish, the prophet's tribe. They would be Hijazi and involved in the early struggles between the Ansar and Qureish over the coming of Islam.

I have never met anyone who said that he or she were of this clan. Pat Lang

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