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23 August 2005


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I don't know why, but *many* on the right seem to dislike veterans. It seems paradoxical, but their fiercest venom is reserved for these people. And if you do get a Republican veteran with a distinguished record the reaction is often lukewarm. Dole and the first president Bush come to mind. The latter they even branded as a "wimp" though landing a plane on a carrier strikes me as rather risky.

Their big hero was John Wayne, who wiggled ot of more active service in WWII and then there is Sylvestor Stallone who "won" Vietnam for them, but spent the actual war teaching girls in Switzerland. And of course much of their leadership such as Cheney and Limbaugh dodged that war as well.

The recent bill for veterans care was an example. It was clear we were over a billion short and needed it, but they resisted spending the money until they had no choice. This was essential stuff. The behavior is also pretty typical of many on the right.

It's kind of scary to see how they've created a public perception different than the reality. When the VA issue came p a lot of their followers it must be Ted Kennedy who blocked it. The fact that Republicans control government hasn't quite registered.

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