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15 August 2005


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Our people pay the price. And will continue as long as troop strength is too low to carry out the mission. We should pull out of all cities, establish a nationwide curfew, and declare borders and open country free-fire zones. Re-task our people to control all transport routes - no more urban cop duty - and limit movement on roadways.

Let the Iraqi people police their own areas, and the "insurgents" come to us.

Wait a minute. Any changes would have to be approved in D.C., and none of the suits have ever worn a uniform. Ah, there's the nut.


@the clerk - three month later all Iraqis would have starved and the empire could take out all the oil without bothering about these dark skin people.



a typical persian chess move, sacrifice the pawns in order that the rooks can move foreward.



Oh yeah! These are the guys who threw several hundred thousands of their minimally trained and gullible or faithful (depending on viewpoint)countrymen at the dug in forces of Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War. pl


I think it remains to be seen. As you said there have always been two views within Shia's in Iraq. The first wants closer relations with Iran, the second sees themselves as Iraqi first. Traditionally, Iranian and Iraqi clerics have been at odds with one another in terms of their role vis a vis the established authority. Sistani belongs to the branch of Shia Islam that opposes the Iranian theocratic model. Alas, only time will tell.

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