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31 August 2005


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Israel is the U.S. state with the most influence in Washington D.C.

That's not new - add the neocons relations to Israel and you know the main force that pushed the U.S. into Iraq.


The question that has to be asked is whether our government is the target of an organized op run by Israeli intelligence. How many rogues constitute enough smoke to think that there may be a fire?


I had come to like Pollack's commentary on the talking head circuit because I thought he was thoughtful, informed and basically non-partisanly direct.

I'm a ittle embarrassed now that I actually bought his book "The Threatening Storm", thinking it would be an in depth look at the whole siuation with regards to Iraq, bin Laden style jihad threats, and Middle East policy in general, and that he would address these things from a fact-based foundation.

I didn't get far with the book, however. While his almost fawning efforts to assert his respect for those who were opposed to invading Iraq, and his warnings that if things weren't handled exactly right any actions we might take in Iraq could wind up doing more harm than good; even with all these caveats his message was still; "We need to attack". And contrary to my expectation that he'd be providing actual facts to back up his position, in fact he wound up engaging in more cheerleading than even Michael Ledeen and Richard Perle.

I was very surprised at this, and as a result he slipped off my "reliable" list of reputable "experts". And so I'm a bit surprised at his prominent placement in this espionage case, but somehow,in retrospect, it fits.

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